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New Aussie Dinos Go Public

Australian Age of Dinosaurs LogoThe focus on Australian dinosaurs has arguably swung from Victoria to Queensland over the last decade, with new and exciting fossils being recently published following a burst of discoveries in the interior. This reminded me that about 5 years ago while travelling back from a conference I stopped in at the Queensland Museum  in Brisbane where I had the good fortune to meet Paleontologist Scott Hocknull.

Back in the storeroom and prep lab we perused newly recovered bones just transported from the black soil plains. The bone quality wasn’t that good on many specimens at that time, which combined with hard concretions meant a slow preparation before it could be recognised what lay beneath. Still we conjectured away, with my recent experiences with sauropods in Wyoming being of a little use. But there was obviously going to be a huge and focussed effort to get the bones out and studied in decent time, and indeed a whole paleo-program was required to be developed. So it gave me great pleasure to see Scott and team’s details of three great Australian dinosaurs go public worldwide, includng a prime time TV documentary . If you want to dig dinosaurs in Australia this is the place to go! Check out the Australian Age of Dinosaurs digs website for details, and be a part of what will become a long line of dino-discoveries.

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